In-Person and Virtual Wellbeing Classes

Whether it’s a yoga class, functional fitness class, a good old HIIT workout or a range of different classes that support wellbeing, RISE has the essential tools to make them happen. Social connection is so important to wellbeing which is why, whether it’s a virtual class or an in-person class, RISE enables real-time connection between teachers or instructors and class attendees. See each other, chat before and after class, with guided instruction during class.

RISE for

Teachers &


RISE has all the essential tools you need to manage your business

  • Your own app-based profile to quickly and easily build an online presence that you can share with your community
  • Own your class & create the class you want, built around what you are passionate & knowledgeable about and infused with your own unique vision
  • Earn for every attendee – set your own price
  • Schedule classes around your lifestyle and what works for you whether a virtual class on Zoom or in-person class in a park, your home or other unique space – no studio, no problem
  • Automatic class payments so you don’t have to be chasing people down after class
  • Messaging within RISE so you can easily communicate with class attendees
  • Notifications, reminders and reviews
  • No upfront costs, subscription or contract commitments – pay-as-you earn

Your creativity, passion, & ambition have a home at RISE.
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One-touch Zoom or Google Meet classes. No hassles with sharing links and passwords combined with all of the other cool RISE features like scheduling, notifications, messaging and payments.



No studio? No problem! Get out and get creative, parks, beaches, rooftops, back yards and living rooms – your class, your space. Own your class, built around what you are passionate & knowledgeable about and infused with your own unique vision

RISE for

Wellbeing Seekers

RISE is your personalized wellbeing plan. Build your wellbeing week of classes based on what you need. Feel like you want to move more? There’s a class for that! Need to chill or rejuvenate? There’s a class for that too.

  • Take classes offered by your favorite teachers or discover new ways to be well
  • Easy and flexible class search – search by intention, class type, time or location
  • Booking and payments all in one place – no hassle with Venmo or PayPal
  • One-click connection to virtual/online classes – no more hunting for meeting IDs and passwords
  • Connect with other humans in real-time online or in-person classes
  • RISE gives you options – find, book and join classes straight from the app or use your laptop
  • Classes are pay-as-you-go! No monthly subscriptions, points or long-term commitments

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